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Our tile cleaning method gently removes hard water deposits from

When performing Austin pool cleaning services, Clear Solutions never uses glass beads, which may damage pool tiles, to remove hard water deposits. Instead, we implement a revolutionary process that uses mineral salts to clear buildup from tiles. Take a look below and see images that show the clean thoroughness of this mineral salt-based cleansing technique.

Before and After Austin Pool Tile Cleaning

See Our Pool Tile Cleaning Process

We use the natural mineral salt, 3.5MOH*, instead of glass beads (found at 6-7MOH)*.
( *MOH is a hardness scale 1=talc 10=diamond )

There are several reasons for why your pool cleaning company should NOT to use glass beads or crushed glass to clean your pool tile. The continued use of glass to remove deposits from tile can lead to eye injury or skin irritation due to exposure, potential inhalation of glass, and slips and falls due to loose glass particles. This is all in addition to ongoing damage to pumps, sweepers, and tile glaze.

Since it is softer, our mineral salt-based cleansing technique never damages surfaces. It does cost us more, but we feel the results for our customers and the environment are well worth the investment.

Other Benefits of Using Mineral Salts To Clean Pool Tiles;

  • Safe for People
  • Safe for Pets
  • Safe for Plants
  • Safe on ANY Tile or Stone Surface
  • NO Damage To Tile
  • NO Pitting on the Glaze
  • NO Slippery Beads on Pool Decks
  • NO Broken Glass in Pool or Decks
  • NO Inhalation Danger
  • NO Damage to Pool Pumps or Sweepers
  • NO Mechanical Abrasive Devices
  • NO Harsh Acids or Chemicals
  • NO Need to Waste Water
  • Does Not Change the Pool pH

Pool Tile Cleaning Process

We use a power washer with a special injection nozzle. The water and media removes the calcium deposits and polishes the tile. Then, we rinse any debris off of the tile and adjacent pool deck.

Once the tile is clean and dry we apply a protective sealant. This causes the water to bead up and run off like wax does for a car.

Then we vacuum the media from the pool. Any material suspended in the water will filter out or dissolve within 24 hours. Since the minerals are water soluble, they will not damage the pumps, filters or sweepers (as glass beads can may).

Imagine what the hard glass beads do to your pool sweep and pump. Do not let anyone use glass beads on your pool!

Our services are completely eco-friendly!

We conserve water by lowering the level just below the tile line.

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 Before and After Pool Tile Cleansing